Automating Appointment Self-Booking / Confirmations / Reminders

Oscar has a lot of built-in code to facilitate the appointment process.

Definition of terms (to clarify the various possibilities).
Self-Booking allows a patient to make their own appointments. The available appointments are determined by the number of days to look ahead and the specific appointment types. Once they chose an available slot, the Confirmation process takes over.

Confirmations will send the patient an email (or possibly a text) with a ‘confirmation’, ‘cancellation’ or optional ‘reschedule’ link. When the patient clicks on the link, the appointment status in Oscar is automatically updated.

Reminders will simply send the patient a reminder of their upcoming appointment. No additional processing is done.
eg. This could be implemented by using a simple ReportByTemplate to export the relevant appointment information to a CSV file, which could be used to generate emails (aka MailMerge). One of the main problems with this method is that the large numbers of emails being generated risk the sender being labelled as a generator of spam.

This page deals with the existing Open Source solution.

If you are looking for commercial solutions, you can contact the following providers: