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eForms save lots of time for both the referring practitioner and receiving practise…

When you order an eForm to be created, it gets listed on this site which is the largest eForms repository in Canada. We have a strong search engine/Google presence so your form can be accessed by more users upon request.

Benefits of eForms – Why you need to use eForms
  • patient details such as name, DOB, age, gender, phone, email, address, CPP, social/medical history, ongoing concerns, current medications, Rx history, etc. are automatically pre-filled on the eForm
  • referring practitioner details such as name, college license number, billing/referral number, office address, phone and fax #, signature, etc.
  • one-touch “Save & Fax” option so the referral can be sent with one click when done
  • referring practitioners save time as referrals sent using eForms are not rejected due to lack of information/signature/etc.
  • no illegible handwriting issue or mistake with patient’s phone # as it autofilled
  • eForms eliminate the need to print, fill, sign, scan, and fax referrals as everything is done in the eForm and can also be faxed/printed directly
    • save costs on paper, ink, patient labels, scanner, and above all – TIME!
Who should order eForms?

It’s common for specialist offices/receiving clinics to have their referral form converted into an intelligent eForm so EMR users can send referrals with 1/10th the effort compared to using PDFs or paper forms for referrals. After all, this is one of the most popular EMR systems in Canada and is used by thousands of physicians.

However, any other clinic that has forms can also order them as eForms so that they can become paperless and save lots of time. Basically, anyone can order an eForm and it will save time and pay for itself with all the hours you will be saving after you start using eForms. Any form can be converted into an eForm, such as insurance forms, referral forms, requisitions, letters, calculators, charts, etc. eForms are 100% customizable so almost anything can be achieved.

eForms remove all the effort from filling forms or making referrals, because all the patient demographics and doctor information gets pre-filled, and they can be faxed directly from the EMR with one click.

What are eForms?

eForms is a module for “plug-ins” to allow users to upload their own bits of code (HTML) to their EMR system. The initial intention was to provide doctors with an elegant do-it-yourself electronic solution to manage the never-ending avalanche of new paper forms coming at them from all directions. Doctors actually spend a large part of their work hours filling in paper forms, such as lab or x-ray requisition forms, referral forms for services for their patients and bureaucratic forms, ranging from special authority coverage forms to handicapped parking permits. eForms then are the electronic answer to this problem, as they are stored electronically right in the EMR server, can be optionally loaded into patient charts and auto-populate with the patient’s demographic and some clinical information, from the EMR database. Once completed and finalized, eForms can be printed or even electronically faxed (on systems set up for this), and saved on the patient’s chart as a record. They can be re-printed again in future if desired.


By ordering services from SIMPLEOSF, you are supporting a nonprofit organization that has a direct impact on helping open-source software and the community.

To have an eForm prepared, SIMPLEOSF nonprofit organization can make one for you. Click here for details on SIMPLEOSF’s eForm development services. You can simply order an eForm from SIMPLEOSF below (after payment, make sure to email the corresponding form you need made into an eForm, to [email protected]):