Doctors, staff, nurses, and other people working in medical clinics spend hours every day filling forms, requisitions, templates, questionnaires etc. This takes up a lot of time and resources away from more valuable tasks.

With OSCAR-based EMRs (such as OSCAR EMR, OSCAR PRO, JUNO, Avaros, Indivicare, OpenOSP, OpenOSCAR, THT, etc.) you are able to import eForms and use them to save you time.

We also make eForms for ACCURO EMR.

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Any paper form, requisition, referral, PDF, or questionnaire can be converted into an intelligent eForm that you can use directly from the EMR and have all the patient, provider, clinic, medical history details pre-populated and have options to e-sign, print, PDF, and fax.

eForm FAQs

worldemr.org is the OSCAR EMR hub for content such as eForms, RBT’s, browser add-ons, instructions and tips for OSCAR, and more. Our goal is to help OSCAR EMR users save time and become more efficient with their EMR.

Who should order eForms?

  • It’s common for specialist offices/receiving clinics to have their referral form converted into an intelligent eForm so OSCAR users can send referrals with 1/10th the effort compared to using PDFs or paper forms for referrals. After all, OSCAR is one of the most popular EMR systems in Canada and is used by thousands of physicians.
  • However, any other clinic that has forms can also order them as eForms so that they can become paperless and save lots of time. Basically, anyone can order an eForm and it will save time and pay for itself with all the hours you will be saving after you start using eForms. Any form can be converted into an eForm, such as insurance forms, referral forms, requisitions, letters, calculators, charts, etc. eForms are 100% customizable so almost anything can be achieved.

Can my signature be auto-filled on eForms?

  • Yes it can!

Can I fax eForms?

  • If you are using eFax with OSCAR then yes. Most clinics already use an eFax service with OSCAR for sending prescriptions, consultations, etc. One-touch “Submit & Fax” buttons can be added to an eForm so you can choose which location to fax to with one click, or you can enter the fax number (or select a specialist to fax to) manually. If you don’t have eFax setup, you can still print or download a PDF of the eForm and fax your other way, or use the SRFax Virtual Printer Driver to send fax.

Can eForms make calculations for me?

  • Yes, eForms can make calculations automatically for you.

What can eForms import automatically?

  • Patient demographics, medical history, CPP, prescription history, your clinic details, ordering physician details, custom values, date/time, MRP, referring physician, measurements values, etc. There are literally hundreds of things you can have auto-filled on eForms.
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