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How to Import eForms into OSCAR EMR

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Documentation Copyright © 2024 by Adrian Starzynski under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

OSCAR is great because users can import the eForms they need into OSCAR.

Steps on how to import a .zip eForm into OSCAR EMR

1. From the OSCAR schedule/homepage, click on Administration

2. Click Manage eForms

3. Click Import (for importing a .zip eForm)

4. Click Choose File and select the eForm’s .zip file from your computer, then click the new Import button

If the file is valid, the eForm will be uploaded and ready for use in OSCAR!

You may see a warning at the top, which is usually safe to ignore, however to be sure, please take a moment read and understand the message. Now if you return to ‘eForm Library’, you should see your newly added eForm at the top of the list.

Your OSCAR may look a bit different but the idea is the same; find the Manage eForms option and import the .zip file. Make sure to click the Import option and not “Upload”!

eForms from our eForms repository are all in .zip format so you can follow these steps on importing any eForms from this site.

Video Tutorial

Here is a video walkthrough of importing a .zip eForm to OSCAR EMR:

Instructions for OSCAR12

The above instructions are for all modern versions of OSCAR. If you are on very old OSCAR12, you can see this PDF for instructions on importing ZIP eForms to OSCAR12.

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