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Terms and Conditions for Paid Downloads

By purchasing a paid download from this site ( you receive permission to utilize the purchased add-on for the number of OSCAR servers as the quantity you purchased. For example, if you purchased a paid download “Example paid download” with quantity 4 then you could use it on 4 OSCAR systems, and if you only purchased quantity 1 then you could only use it on 1 OSCAR system. The quantity for each item is 1 by default unless you increase this. There may be different quantity/price structure for individual paid downloads which takes precedence. For example, some paid downloads may sell license in packages for 5 devices.

Content for sale on this site is fully protected by copyright (Copyright SIMPLE OPEN SOURCE FUND INC., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED), and permission is given for installation and use only on the purchaser’s OSCAR server. Permission is not given for reposting or redistribution of any paid content in any way.

What is a Paid Download/content for sale/item? Any downloadable item on this website that has a listed price is a “paid download.” You pay to get access to a paid download on this site.