Multilingual Support


OSCAR is the only Canadian, and one of a few EMR’s world wide, that has multilingual support out of the box.  You can run the program in English while your secretary has it simultaneously in French, and your colleague sees it in Spanish.

Language detection is automatic and based is based on the localisation of the browser. To check or change the settings in your browser, use the menu commands shown below: 

  • Firefox : Application Menu -> Settings-> Languages -> Choose (button)
  • Chrome: Options (Preferences Mac OS X) -> Under the Bonnet -> Web Content -> Languages & Spellchecker settings.

You can mix it up further and run the Browser in one language and OSCAR in another as the Firefox quick locale switcher extension is supported.  With this the language of the program can be changed on a per patient basis if desired.

Languages supported by OSCAR

OSCAR is a Canadian design and, mais oui, we support English and French included with every installation.  We also have support for other languages including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish.  Due to the design of the software, any language can be supported as all buttons and labels are stored in a properties file that interacts with the browser based on a i18n standard.  All your server needs is the translation in your language of preference to give it to users that request that language. Supply or commission a translation of this property file in your language and you can use Italian or….

Below is OSCAR’s encounter view (version 12_1 on Firefox 17) using Spanish buttons/labels with encounter notes written in English Spanish Polish Arabic and Chinese