Custom OSCAR EMR Integrations

We’re the leading developers for automations, database and API integrations with OSCAR EMR, with over 10 years experience.

We’ll integrate all of these directly into your OSCAR EMR:

  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Customized visual database reports (charts, graphs…)
  • Automatic document signature request software (patient gets send a document to sign electronically, automatically gets imported in OSCAR)
  • Automatic lab report download (LifeLabs, Dynacare, Alpha Labs…)
  • Custom patient portal software
  • Patient membership software
  • Online booking software
  • Automatic invoice collection/payment reminders
  • Credit card processing
  • Single sign on
  • Patient messaging, SMS, email
  • Telephone IVR integration (appointment confirmation/cancellation, lookup, automatically announce next available timeslot, etc.)
  • Any other integration that involves pulling data from OSCAR, or adding new data, or automating triggers.

We’re the creators of the certified bulk Ontario health card validation integration with OSCAR for automatic validation of all your physician schedules.

We’ve worked with medical clinics, hospitals, specialists, wellness clinic franchises, cardiology, footcare, and more. 100% Canadian.

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