Freedom Physicians Webinar – Nov 28, 2022

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Upcoming Zoom Webinar: Freedom Physicians: Free, Open Source, or Funded digital tech for Clinic Setups

Description: (No, we don’t mean the “freedom convey”; and we don’t mean “free, as in free beer”; we mean freedom with open source.)

EMR’s, technology, and digital tools are putting an ever increasing burden on physicians and clinics. The pressure to provide more and better care to patients, result in software licenses that keep adding up to our limited budgets. Yielding our autonomy to technology vendors who promise less headaches in return for less freedom, can make us feel restricted when we want to make changes that benefit our workflow and patient care.

Topic: Dr. Kevin Lai, (Get Well Clinic), and Adrian Starzynski (SimpleOSF) would like to share with you how you can regain freedom, and lower your operational costs, by learning how to be more self-sufficient with technology, utilizing the world of open source software and other digital tools that are free for physicians to use. Experience the joy of becoming proficient with technology, the taste of freedom with open source, and the satisfaction of lowering expenses. Share with others your own secret sauce or life hacks to make your work-life better.

Time: Nov 28, 2022 08:00 PM (Eastern Time)

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