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Encounter Billing (BC)

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How to Bill a Patient Visit to MSP

  1. A visit can be billed directly from the Appointment screen, simply by clicking on the B to the right of the patient’s name.
  2. The default billing screen will be displayed as determined by the your settings in the Administration Page, Manage Billing Form.
  3. However, codes which are not displayed can be selected by entering the service code, or text contained in the service code description, into the white box located in the bottom mid-section of the form, titled Other service/procedure/premium codes
  4. Click on the service code you wish to bill, then assign the diagnosis to the claim.

To Assign the Diagnosis

  1. Use the Tab key to move your cursor, or Click in the diagnostic code box
  2. Enter the ICD 9 and press continue – If not familiar with the ICD9 codes for diagnosis, entering text into this area and clicking on Code Search will return a list of diagnoses which contain the text sequence provided. Choose from the list and press ok.
  3. A summary of the billing will display. Click:  Save Bill to finish, Another Bill to choose another service code with a different diagnosis, or Back to make corrections on the previous screen.
  4. On the main Appointment Screen, the Patient’s appointment slot will now display in blue with a check mark.

Billing from the Patient’s Master Record

Billing can also be done from the Patient’s Master Record by choosing Create invoice.

  • Continue to bill as above – noting that a caregiver will not automatically be assigned to the billing – you must assign the bill provider by choosing from the drop-down menu. Billing is usually conducted in this manner for out of office visits.

Billing from the Patient’s eChart

Billing is also accessible from the Patient E-chart by choosing the Sign Save and Bill icon at the bottom of the encounter window.


  • It’s worthwhile to create a separate billing sheet for the out of office fees most often used by the caregivers in your office…see Manage Billing Forms
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