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Scanning Documents into OSCAR

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Documentation Copyright © 2024 by Adrian Starzynski under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License


You can scan files any way you wish as long as they generate a PDF file.

For example…

  • you can use an all-in-one multifunction printer that has a scanner option that lets you scan to a USB stick, and then you can take the USB stick to your computer and upload the PDFs from it into OSCAR.
  • you can use a scanner app (like TurboScan) on your iPhone/iPad and airdrop the PDF files to your Mac and then upload those into OSCAR
  • you can use a traditional scanner that is connected to your computer with a USB cable, like Fujitsu ScanSnap. You will have to install the scanner’s software/drivers on the computer, and when you insert files into the document feeder on the scanner and press the scan button, it will open up the program on your computer and prompt you where to save the scanned PDFs.

Normally it’s easiest to upload/send the scanned files to your computer’s “Downloads” folder, then upload them to OSCAR, and once they’re in OSCAR and attached to patients’ charts then you can delete the files from your local downloads folder.

TIP: Make sure the scanner’s quality isn’t too high. Normally you won’t need the highest DPI setting because those scans can be several megabytes each.

Uploading Scanned Documents

To upload scanned documents into OSCAR there are two ways…

Upload Directly to Patient’s DMS

DMS stands for “Documents Management System” and each patient can have files linked to their record when they are uploaded directly to their DMS.

Go to the patient’s eChart or Master Record and click the “Add Document” option. Fill the document name/type/date and select the PDF file to upload. Then click Add and it will be added to their list.

NOTE: if your file’s name has some odd characters like $ . / \ ( ) @ # etc., you won’t be able to view the file (it will display error). Make sure the files you upload don’t contain any odd characters. File names should only contain letters, numbers, underscores _, hyphens -, or spaces.

Upload to Unclaimed Inbox

If you have any more than 3 documents to scan and attach to patient’s charts (DMS) then it’s easiest to go to the Inbox>Upload Doc>Select and upload the files.

Then the files will show up in the Unclaimed Inbox.

Open the unclaimed inbox and you will see a list of the documents you uploaded. Click on the “NOT, ASSIGNED” links and the documents will open. Fill in the document name/type/date, enter a patient to link it to, select the patient from the live dropdown list, click “Save”, and then “File”. Then repeat for the rest of the documents.

The file will be saved to the patient’s DMS without you having to manually go into each patient’s DMS and do it manually. Once all the items in unclaimed inbox are filed then the asterisk will disappear from Inbox*.

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