Many new improvements to new OSCAR release v19.5

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Newest OSCAR version 19.5 available for install/upgrade features many improvements including:


  • Improved interface – OSCAR’s UI is completely “refreshed”to modern and intuitive standards
  • Many suggestions from “hackers” from Grease Monkey extensions are now available via OSCAR
  • Added built-in ability to set OSCAR to run in tabs (instead of pop-up windows) – more on this here
  • Thousands of typo fixes across all of OSCAR
  • Popups tuned for optimal size for todays larger screens
  • Many pages now adjust formatting for small screens for mobile devices
  • Title for windows/tabs (the text that displays at the top of OSCAR pages) improved for easier locatability
  • Favicon added for schedule page for easier accessibility of the home page
  • Report by Template now offers sorting by result column and various exports
  • Many system display properties are now end user adjustable eg Administration>Schedule Management>Display Settings
  • Consultants can now be searched/filtered
  • Phone numbers can be entered all together as numbers and OSCAR will format
  • Schedule screen UI improvements, spacing, icons, better general usability
  • Fixed hundreds of bugs and added feature requests, including eForm/image upload issues, adding login record issues…
  • About OSCAR link page improved
  • Help links in top-right of pages in OSCAR now link directly to the relevant help article on
  • eForm generator improvements (added option to hide headers/footers on print)
  • Greater stability
  • Modernization, and internationalization of UI for French and Brazilian Portuguese support (and other languages) extended
  • Added page “Online Booking” for information on online booking integrations under Administration Panel>Integrations>Online Booking so OSCAR is more up-to-date with current integrations
  • Security fixes for Log Jam and other vulnerabilities including CVE-2021-36090 CVE-2021-35517 CVE-2021-35516 CVE-2021-35515 CVE-2018-11771 CVE-2020-8908 CVE-2018-10237  CVE-2020-13956 CVE-2015-5262 CVE-2014-3577 CVE-2021-29425 CVE-2021-4483 CVE-2019-2692 CVE-2018-15531
  • Significant changes to the DEB to support newer Tomcat/MariaDB/Java to future proof OSCAR against software we will be running in the future


  • Allow for setting up two factor sign in with use of an authenticating app that will provide a time limited pin for OSCAR


  • New look evolved from the “classic” one at ones option
  • Configured adjustable autologout for unattended workstations
  • Fixed capitalization of patient names including O’Brian and Hutten-Czapski
  • Patient appointment count next to each Doctors name
  • Instant paste of cut or copied appointments
  • Quick list of calendar moving by week month or year
  • Configurable condition indicators for diseases eg for at COVID risk conditions and § for diabetics
  • Added Time Line to today’s schedule that provides a visual indication as to where you currently are in your schedule
    • The timeline can be turned on and off in Administration>Schedule Management>Display Settings>Display Time line

Master Demographic

  • Improved Contacts Interface with links and preferred contact information

  • Rewritten inputs and validators to reduce data input errors
  • Dates are now formatted region specific as to international standards
  • North American phone numbers are reformatted by OSCAR to a consistent standard
  • Alias added throughout OSCAR for nicknames or aliases that aren’t on official documentation eg Peter Hutten-Czapski (Pete)
  • Patient’s preferred phone number indication

Stamped Signature

  • The user can upload a signature stamp in user preferences for use in Rx, consults and eforms



  • eChart header now displays preferred phone with hover yielding alternate
  • email displays (as an active link if patient has given permission to contact by email)
  • Uptodate link from the Search! everything box configurable to any preferred databases
  • Added ability to set eChart to display larger font size/larger eChart interface via setting echart_show_larger_font_size=true:
  • The BCAR and ONAR forms have been updated to current


  • Streamlined prescriptions module (major improvement)
  • tallMAN drug names (eg quiNIDine / quiNINE) to reduce medication errors for look alike sound alike drugs as per ISPA Canada standard.
  • Link to Epocrates for drug information (customizable via properties file but set to search Epocrates by default) directly from the search window at the Ingredient link
  • Estimated both unit costs and total Rx drug costs (exclusive of dispensing fee) for over 7000 drgus at the moment of Rx

  • Warning if zero quantity has been prescribed (will keep the pharmacist from asking)

  • Patient’s name now shows as LNAME, FNAME and links to master record to be consistent with the rest of OSCAR and for easier readability
  • Patient’s DOB now shows at the top of Rx screen in case the pharmacist is asking for it –  who wants to click around?

  • Click the red * to set a preference to set which profile you want as default, Current, All, Active, Expired, Longterm/Acute, Longterm/Acute/Inactive/External


  • Improved preferred pharmacy selection and interface
  • Selection of pharmacies has multiple filters
  • Deleting a pharmacy has been made distinct from Unlinking a pharmacy from a single patients chart to make the interface more intuitive
  • Faxed Rx with the specified pharmacy are documented in the eChart
  • Digital authorization of stamped signatures for faxing (QR code and Signature Stamp options illustrated)


  • “Sticky” diagnosis as well as admission date and facility to simplify billing
  • Ontario billing preloaded with highlights to reflect Primary Care bonuses and premiums


  • The lab viewport has been made variable so that you can resize to a larger size
  • email displays (active link if patient has given permission to contact by email)
  • Patient name in Lab Report now displays as LNAME, FNAME to be consistent with the rest of OSCAR and for easier readability
  • Unmatched Labs can be used to create a new Demographic
  • Inbox document view improvements – Rx button from inbox document view opens Rx window positioned to the right so you can view the document (e.g. Rx refill request) on the left and simultaneously see Rx module on the right
  • Many back-end stability and maintenance improvements

Canadian Vaccine Catalog

  • With the CVC vaccine data entry is a breeze
  • Vaccinations can be added by brand name (eg Adacel), lot number eg(C5987A) or type (Tdap)
  • The prevention then populates with the corresponding brand, lot and expiry (if selected) manufacturer and din number


  • 62 curated indicator dashboards are included to help manage your practice
  • 11 Practice areas are covered including common chronic diseases
  • Tools in the indicators allow you to update the Disease Registry, set Ticklers and more


OSCAR’s latest DEBs available for download on Sourceforge


Thanks to Dr. Peter Hutten-Czapski and Adrian Starzynski for these updates to OSCAR and continuous support to the project!