OSCAR 19 Drug Interactions Interface Video

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The Drug Interactions

From Peter Hutten Czapski:

I have created a 2 min video demonstrating how to use the interactions function for the latest OSCAR 19 build 2890

OSCAR 19 uses the RxNorm interface from the National Library of Medicine to get creative commons data on drug interactions.  The NLM database is updated monthly from academic and commercial sources.

For techs:

If you want to explore RxNorm and its API see https://lhncbc.nlm.nih.gov/RxNav/ including how to obtain a license to host the API yourself

If you want to review the code that was used to get the shown functionality see https://bitbucket.org/oscaremr/oscar/commits/0f6e13e3d335a681cf8b63acb1639f4d9337ad33
note that changing out tabs for spaces has made the diff busier that it needs to be the changes are mostly adding the Generic Name as a title in the druglist and adding asynch code to query the API and append the resultant interactions

The API we are using is not open source but liscenable without fee from the NLM (RxNav In a Box) if you want to host your own instance
The data is updated from academic and commercial sources monthly, you you will want to set up a cron job if you are inclined to explore this route
A future release of OSCAR 19 will expose the API url’s in the properties file to allow for easier maintenance for this or other purpose
(IMO its a terrible idea to hard code URL’s, as that gives something you have no control over the ability to obsolete your code overnight)