Preventions Customization and Adding Custom Preventions

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Some advanced preventions customization tips from Peter Hutten-Czapski

How can I group Preventions screening and Immunizations to show them as different groups?

Just change the headingName in the definition in a custom  /PreventionItems.xml
Have OSCAR look for your settings through the file with a setting that points to your custom file.
(the path for the standard one is as follows)

## Prevention
#these can either be a full path or classpath:path/to/file

How can I create custom preventions?

Just create a custom entry xml along the pattern of the regular in PreventionItems.xml:

            desc="Women from ages 25 to 74" name="HPV-CERVIX"
            headingName="Screenings" link="" layout="PAPMAM" minAge="25"
            maxAge="74" sex="F" showIfMinRecordNum="1" />

How can I customize existing preventions’ names?

Supply the display name in PreventionItems.xml:

            desc="Fecal Occult Blood Test or Fecal Immunochemical Test" name="FOBT"
            headingName="Screenings" link="" layout="PAPMAM"
            minAge="49" maxAge="80" showIfMinRecordNum="1" />

Best Practice for Adding Preventions

If you are using custom preventions, it’s better to point to it in the file otherwise your changes will be overwritten when you install a new deb/war.

The relevant keys are:


The items key provides a path or classpath to the prevention items themselves. The prevention file is an olde style drools file not terribly well documented rules for when each immunization turns up in the
preventions module as a red. The prevention config sets provides what shows up in the eChart in the top left sidebar for a given age/gender.