Quick Appointment Status Change Tip

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On the OSCAR schedule screen, users are frequently changing patient’s appointment status as they progress through the clinic (To Do, Here, Exam Room, Seen, Billed, etc.)

You can either click on the appointment and change the status via the Status dropdown, and then click Update Appt. This method involves 4 clicks (selecting the patient, selecting the new status, clicking Update Appt).

Example of appointment statuses dropdown in the Add/Edit appointment screen

A quick method to change the appointment’s status to the next one on the dropdown is that you can simply click on the appointment status icon from the schedule screen and the status will change to the next one on the list.

In this example GIF I cycle through the appointment statuses by clicking on the status icon of the appointment:

Your OSP may be able to change the order of your statuses on the dropdown, so that when you click the icon from the schedule it can switch to i.e. a more common status that you use, such as “Exam Rm 1” instead of having to click a few times to cycle to it.