BC Show Unbilled Visits By Provider RBT

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BC Show Unbilled Visits By Provider RBT

OSCAR's "Unbilled report" (accessed from Schedule Screen>Billing) is very cumbersome to use and clears the page every time you press the Bill button to try and bill for an unbilled patient. That renders it impossible to use unless you want to run the report again every time you bill for an unbilled visit. The Unbilled Report was supposed to make it fast to bill unbilled visits! It's faster to go through the schedule and bill manually than using OSCAR's built-in unbilled report. In addition, it shows the TIME as 1970-01-01 instead of the correct appointment time, and there is no link to go to the eChart:

To correct this issue and make catching up on unbilled visits easy and fast, I have created a report template. This is for BC billing tables.

This report template allows you to select a provider, date range, and it will scan for appointments that do not have a bill, and that aren't cancelled/no-show/billed status.

When you press the "Bill" button, it opens a popup to fully display the bill screen with the appointment provider pre-selected as billing physician.


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