Fly through the inbox – with Lab Macros!

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OSCAR 19 has Lab Macros to speed up your inbox
I’ve shot a short 4 min video instructing the use of Macros

This time saving feature allows you to click one button to insert a
set comment and optionally set a default tickler, allowing you to
action a lab or document in under a second.

For those who don’t have time to youtube, the feature is also lightly
documented here.

Lab Macros are supported by every build of OSCAR 19, however support
for macro for documents, document linked ticklers, macro in preview
(that *really* speeds things up!), and scheduled ticklers with the gui
macro editor interface shown, reflects builds 2540 and later

The code is a feature of OSCAR 19 and I would be happy to help anyone
wishing to add it to their fork

With thanks to
– Braedon H who commissioned the feature.
– Marc D who did the initial programming.
– Earl W who supplied translations for the French language
– Luiz R who supplied Portuguese translations
Peter Hutten-Czapski
Haileybury Ontario