Hello friends from the OSCAR Community!

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My name is Dr. David Chan. Yes, I started the OSCAR project back in 2001. You can read about the history of OSCAR from the OSCAR Canada Users Society which I had been part of from the beginning. The reasons for World OSCAR are:

(1) To keep track of all the OSCAR related projects which still remain Open Source and to invite all Open Source like-minded people to collaborate

(2) To have a world focus beyond Canada where it all began

(3) To extend the use of OSCAR to not-for-profit/charitable organizations where resources are limited

I am considering a number of projects and would welcome input from everyone:

(1) Facilitate the development of Smart on FHIR for OSCAR EMR and MyOSCAR PHR to encourage open App development
(2) To facilitate moving MyDrugRef to a mobile friendly platform with distributive database
(3) To encourage Internet of Things for healthcare
Let me hear from you!