How to find the appointment ID in OSCAR

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Each appointment has a unique appointment identifier number, which is referred to as “Appointment ID”, “Appointment No.”, “Appointment Number”, “appt_no”, “appt_id”, or “appointmentID”.

Various features in OSCAR use the appointment ID to perform functions related to appointments, for example:

  • when you create a bill from an appointment on the schedule, the status color changes to billed once the bill is saved because the appointment ID was passed along to the billing screen
  • eForms can pull information based on the appointment ID such as who was the appointment provider, the appointment date, reason for visit, etc.
  • basically, anything related to an appointment can be accessed via the appointment ID

Also, certain patient engagement platforms let patients perform appointment changes like cancelling the appointment, or accessing the portal, which is identified by the unique appointment ID.

Sometimes you may need to find the appointment ID for troubleshooting something.

How to find the appointment ID

First, you have to open the appointment edit interface. This can be accessed in a few ways:

  • click on the patient’s name on the schedule screen
  • in the Master Record (demographic), click Appointment History, and then click on the appointment you want to edit

Next, after you’ve opened the appointment edit screen, take a look at the address bar at the top of the EDIT APPOINTMENT screen. The appointment identifier number is after appointment_no= and before &provider_no

In the example below, the appointment identifier is underlined in red (it’s 790).