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To access the caseload view click on the ‘caseload’ link at the top left of the opening appointment screen

Caseload is a report that is particularly good at finding those patients who have not been seen and yet need followup.  Caseload is also a valuable tool when dealing with non-schedule driven patient interactions. Whether you are performing rounds at the hospital or engaging your patients at a long term care facility, this feature provides an innovative solution to an alternative workflow model.

Sorting your roster by number of appointments in the last year, age, or recent lab reports is as easy as clicking on the column heading.  This will sort those patients with the highest BMI or lowest ACR. Finding your outliers now takes a few seconds. Of course, once you find data of interest, you can immediately act on it via links to all the normal clerical and clinical system components, such as patient specific Ticklers, Messages, Prescriptions, and the eChart.

Caseload also allows you to inspect segments of your patient population.  You can filter your display by diagnostic code (eg diabetes shown) or from a full text search across all patients you are specifically associated with.

To return to the schedule view click on the ‘schedule’ link at the top left

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