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Fax Admin

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A fax-configured OSCAR can be monitored here

Configure Fax

The external OSCAR Fax instance, FaxWS (if implemented) needs some configuration here. Most of the details are self-explanatory or can be obtained from searching settings for the Hylafax which is the base of the OSCAR fax implementation.

Manage Faxes

OSCAR keeps copies of the Prescriptions, Consults and eForms that are faxed, regardless of how the faxes are sent.

If the OSCAR fax implementation is used, there is also monitoring of the status of the fax (RECEIVED, SENT, COMPLETE, ERROR, WAITING, CANCELLED, RESOLVED)

Viewing a fax allows you to see a thumbnail of the actual fax (click on the thumbnail to allow you to see full details)

Cancel allows for you to cancel a pending fax

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