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Filling and Saving a New eForm

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eForms are electronic versions of common forms used in OSCAR EMR. There are a wide variety of forms available as eForms: from blood work or imaging requisitions to questionnaires such as PHQ-9 and GAD-7, letters, and much more. Browse eForms available for download

To fill and save a new eForm, start by navigating to the ‘eForms Library’, then find the eForm you want to fill in the list of available eForms. Click on the form’s name; the form will open in a separate window for you to fill out.

Fill out the form like you would a paper form – click on the areas you want to write in and type in the details, click on boxes to mark them with an X, or use your mouse to draw on diagram.

eForms are individually programmed and may offer various tools. Some eForms are programmed with a signature pad which allows you to sign the form using your mouse / touch pad while others are programmed to automatically pull in the signature of the current user. Some eForms will have special menus on the right to pre-select options based on pre-set criteria, or buttons that will automatically calculate the score for a questionnaire when clicked. There are a lot of possibilities!

Once you are done filling the form, locate the button section. It is typically located at the bottom of the form and looks like this:

  • The ‘Subject’ field allows you to type in and save a subtitle for this eForm which will be displayed after the eForm’s name on the list of saved eForms.
  • The ‘Submit’ button allows you to save the eForm to your OSCAR EMR. It will not submit the form to the lab or hospital (it saves in your OSCAR system only).
  • The ‘Submit & Fax’ button allows you to save the eForm to the EMR, then fax it to the number(s) added to the recipient(s) list.
  • The ‘Fax’ button faxes the form to the number(s) added to the recipient(s) list.
  • The ‘Print’ button sends the form to your printer so it can be printed (without saving).
  • The ‘Print & Submit’ button sends the form to your printer so it can be printed, then attempts to save the form to the EMR. The word attempts is important here, because this save is not always successful. Why is that? To put it simply, web browsers are a little bit like toddlers: they do not handle multi-tasking very well. In fact, they do not handle multi-tasking at all when it comes to printing! This means that, for the ‘Print & Submit’ button to work, OSCAR EMR must first let your browser handle the printing then proceed with saving the eForm.

If the eForm has it programmed in, you may also see buttons for ‘PDF’ and ‘Submit & PDF’.

  • The ‘PDF‘ button downloads the eForm as a PDF (without saving).
  • The ‘Submit & PDF‘ button downloads the eForm as a PDF and submits (saves) the eForm.

An eForm that has successfully saved will close automatically. This means that if your eForm is still up on your screen after you clicked on the ‘Print & Submit’ button and the printing is done, the form did not save. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to save it.

Note: If the eForms you are using do not have a signature functionality built in and you would like to see it added, please contact us so we can edit the form.

Note 2: Individual eForms can be modified to adjust the ‘Print & Submit’ functionality as needed. If your users are running into issues using the button, I encourage you to contact our team. We will work with you to try and find the best balance to minimize this issue.

Note 3: Contact us if you need any modifications to eForms or new eForms created. eForms are fully customizable and we frequently help clinics by adding additional buttons and time-saving options to eForms.

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