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Keyboard Shortcuts on Appointment Screen

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Documentation Copyright © 2024 by Adrian Starzynski under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Use these ALT key shortcut options for navigating from the appointment/schedule screen in OSCAR. This will increase your efficiency. These should work on any computer that has a keyboard.

Teach yourself these shortcuts to be efficient and a virtuoso in navigating OSCAR. It will make your life easier and reduce your clicks on the appointment screen!

ALT+a = Administration

ALT+b = Billing

ALT+c = Calendar

ALT+d = eDocs

ALT+e or ALT+h = the resources/help link URL which can be set via the Properties file or Administration>System Management>Help Link Setting

ALT+i = Ticklers

ALT+l (that’s a lowercase L) = Labs

ALT+m = Messenger

ALT+p = Preferences

ALT+s = Patient Search

ALT+t = jump to Today on the schedule

ALT+v = view all providers on the schedule

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