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Medication Allergies

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We can’t prescribe safely without first identifying allergies

Allergy Profile

  • The patient’s allergies are listed on the left under the Allergies heading
  • To view more details about a patient’s allergies or make changes to the list, click the ‘View/Edit Allergies’ button at the bottom of the Patient Drug Profile or on the + to the right of Allergies in the encounter window or the Rx3 screen

How to Add an Allergy

TIP: User the NKDA Penicillin and Sulfa buttons to quickly and reproducibly add the appropriate allergy

  1. From the OSCAR Rx Screen select the +/- symbol beside Active Allergies
  2. Type in the name of the drug in the search field, select the areas of the drug database (drug class etc) that you wish to search, and then choose from Drug Classes, Ingredients, Generic Names, Brand Names or All and then click ‘Search’
  3. ONLY if you cannot find a match click custom allergy. CUSTOM ALLERGY will just place a word on a list and will NOT give automatic warnings for Rx
  4. To create a non-drug allergy, enter the name of the allergy in the text field besides the search box and select the “Custom Allergy” button. Then, select either non drug allergy or drug reaction from the “non-drug” drop down field

5. Write comments describing the nature of the allergy as well as start date of allergy. identifying the age of onset, Life Stage, severity of reaction and onset of reaction.

6. Click Add Allergy

Allergy Warning

When you try to write a Rx for a drug for which there is a match in the allergies profile, a warning will appear as below:

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