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Messenger Tutorial Video by John Robertson:


There are several places to access the internal OSCAR messenger system.

  • From the Appointment screen: click the “Msg” tab
  • From the Main Demographic Record: click the “Send a Message” link
  • From the Encounter screen:
    • Classic Interface: click the “Send Msg” link to send messages, and “All Messages” to view messages linked to the patient
    • Case management Interface: click on the Oscar Msg + to send messages or on any of the displayed messages
  • From the “Administration” tab click on “System Management” and then “Messages”
  • From the “Inbox” tab when reviewing a lab or document clicking on the “Msg” button

Msg Tab

On the schedule screen there is a Msg link which shows numbers when you have new messages.

The number on the left is the number of unread messages linked to a patient, and the number on the right is the number of unread messages in total.

For example: 

  • 1 unread messaged linked to a patient
  • 4 unread messages in total

Reading Messages

  • Click on a column heading to sort by that criterion
  • Click on the Subject title to display your message
  • Across the bottom of the screen the functions you can do with this message (Reply / Reply All / Forward / Delete)
  • Across the top that you can still navigate to the following within the message views (Back to Inbox / Clear New Message / Exit Messenger)

Reply, Forward or Delete a Message

  1. When either the ‘Reply’ or ‘Forward’ button is clicked, the full address book is available for use (the address book names can be edited by any staff who has administrative access to the program)
  2. Click on the individuals you want to forward the message to
  3. Enter your reply and the click ‘Send Message’ button
  4. The next screen tells you that your message has been sent and give you the option to ‘Compose a Message, Print, Back to Inbox or Exit

Sending a Message

  1. Click ‘Compose Message’ on the upper right hand corner of the main message screen
  2. Type in a subject heading & your message
  3. If you want to send information about a patient, type their last name in the search field at the bottom of the screen and click ‘Search Demographic’. Click on patient’s number, then on ‘Attach Demographic’ to choose the information you wish to send with your message.
  4. Select the people, and or groups of people you want to send the message to and click ‘Send Message’

For OSCAR19 – WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) markdown editor available in OSCAR19 courtesy of Dr. Peter Hutten-Czapski. See video walkthrough below:

Refresh Inbox

  • When you click this button, the program will retrieve any new messages from the server

Sent Message

  • Clicking this button with show a list of all the messages you have sent
  • You can use the ‘Forward’ button if you want to send the message out again to another person.

Deleted Messages

  • Clicking this button will show you all the messages that you have deleted from your INBOX
  • You can restore them to the INBOX by clicking the ‘unarchive’ button at the bottom of the page


  1. To read an attachment, open the message by clicking on the link in the ‘Subject’ column
  2. Click on ‘View Attachments’
  3. Click on ‘Expand All’ to view all the information or ‘Collapse All’ to minimize the information view
  4. When you click ‘Expand All’ it will show patient demographic information that another health care professional has sent you


  • The attachment function is only used to send patient demographic and prescription information in a secure format to another health care professional within the clinic or at another OSCAR site.

Group Admin

  1. On the main screen click the Admin tab click and then System Management
  2. and then choose Messenger Group Admin in the System Management drop down list
  3. The Group Configuration will open at the Root level, and you will be presented by a list of providers that you can enable or disable from the Messenger Contact list.
  4. The Mange Contact Groups allows you to Make a New Group, Update an Existing Group or Delete a Group

Copyright © 2012-2024 by Peter Hutten-Czapski MD and some added points by Adrian Starzynski under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

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