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OSCAR has the ability to sort providers by “site”. This is designed for different physical sites, but can be used to separate virtual groups at the same address.

This will allow for filtering of appointments by site for providers on the schedule

Picking a Site for the Schedule

You choose which site for the appointment (types can be edited to select the appropriate site eg inpatient can be assigned a 15 min slot for the inpatient reason at the Temiskaming Hospital site)

Multisite Appointment

Rx then have various options for the providers address based on choice of sites assigned to them. This defaults automatically to the site assigned as location in the schedule (to whit if you have an inpatient assigned to Temiskaming Hospital on your schedule, the default Rx address will be Temiskaming Hospital).

Address Selection By Multisite

Similarly the referring site option becomes active in consultation requests

Temiskaming Hospital chosen as Referring Site

Ticklers, Billing and many other features can also be site filtered

Enabling Multisites

To enable multisites you must adjust the file to have a key/value pair that reads


When this is set a series of changes occur in the user interface

Now you need to define the sites in Administration > System Management > Satellite-sites Admin

There will be no sites specified at start

Add the site with the Add New Site button

Adding Sites

Fill the details of each site until you have a complete list

Satellite Sites Site Details

Note that the addresses and contact details can be the same or different.

Now assign each provider to the appropriate site(s) in Administration > User Management > Search/Edit/Delete Provider Records

Assigning Sites

In the above illustration Peter Hutten-Czapski is assigned to the Haileybury Family Health Team, Surgery Clinic and Temiskaming Hospital

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