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OHIP Roster Comparison and Update

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In the OHIP remittance for family physicians, there is a Roster Capitation Report XML file. This outlines which patients are rostered to a provider.

If your OSCAR is linked directly with MCEDT you can pull in the roster capitation reports directly from MCEDT, and then there will be a button while viewing the roster XML file from MOH (when you go to Administration>Billing>View MOH files) to ‘Update Roster Status’ to ensure enrolment data in OSCAR is consistent with the Ministry of Health’s report. This makes it easy to update all your enrolment data and see the differences.

The “Roster and Capitation Payment Reconciliation” XML file view in OSCAR will show all the discrepancies and changes to enrolment data between your OSCAR and the MOH’s report, and it looks like this (data censored):

If your OSCAR is not linked to MCEDT then you could theoretically upload your roster report XML file to the appropriate folder in OSCAR and then view the file via “View MOH Files” to benefit from OSCAR’s roster update/discrepancies view function. The path of the file when viewed n browser is /oscar/oscarBilling/

Or, you could go the manual way and use the OHIP Roster Comparison Tool which is available here: OHIP Roster Comparison Tool

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