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OSCAR Properties File

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Documentation Copyright © 2024 by Adrian Starzynski under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

OSCAR is a Maven Tomcat web application (Java), so many program-wide are controlled by a file in the root webapp directory called the “ file”, or simply the “properties file”.

Only the OSP (OSCAR Service Provider) who hosts/manages the OSCAR server can modify the properties file from the server back-end.

Below are some of the OSCAR settings which are only controlled via the properties file. Depending on your OSCAR version your system may have additional options or lack some of these.

  • Whether to enable allergy checking in prescribing (yes or no) – default yes
  • Whether to display fax number on prescriptions – default yes
  • The FORMS_PROMOTEXT – the text displayed at the bottom of printed prescriptions and forms – default “Created by: OSCAR The open-source EMR”
  • Whether to enable preventions/immunizations module – default yes
  • Whether to enable the “Invoice Reports” option in Administration>Billing – default yes
  • The bill region of the system – ON, BC, or AB
  • The default OHIP bill center – default “G – Hamilton”
  • (For BC Teleplan/MSP only):
    • the default visit_type – default “Clinic Visit”
    • the default visittype – default “O|Physician’s office”
    • the default visitlocation – default “P1|PEMBERTON”
    • the default dataCenterId – default “00000”
    • whether to enable auto populating of payment field on billing review – default no
  • The password strength policy – sets the minimum password length, min. length of character groups (numbers/letters/special characters) – default requires minimum 8 characters length and 3 character groups for the password
  • The minimum PIN length – default 4
  • The interval for the schedule screen refresh – default every 180 seconds
  • The interval for eChart screen refresh – default is disabled
  • Label printing preferences (label margins/gap/height)
  • New demographic default home phone prefix – default “905-“
  • New demographic default city, province, gender, health card province
  • The inactive patient statuses (the statuses considered inactive are hidden in patient search) – default “IN,DE,IC,ID,MO,FI”
  • Whether fax, prescriptions fax, eForms fax, consultations fax is enabled – default no
  • Whether the e-signature pad (sign with mouse) is enabled in new consultations – default yes
  • Whether to set “Patient will book” to yes by default in new consultations – default no
  • Whether to allow changes to the consultation referral date once it has been submitted (if disabled the consultation referral date will be locked to the date the referral was created) – default yes (consult referral date lock disabled by default)
  • Whether to automatically allow all active patient allergies to auto-populate into a consultation request when opened – default yes
  • Whether to automatically allow all active patient medications to auto-populate into a consultation request when opened – default yes
  • The number of days until a tickler turns red – default 1
  • Default filter of ticklers to the assigned provider – two options: Set the default report for Ticklers main interface to be set to the current provider (true); Ticklers main interface always default to report ALL providers (false) – default false
  • Whether to show prevention item comments on Prevention Print PDF – default no
  • Whether to warn the user when they to delete a bill – if set to true, popup javascript “Are you sure?” msg if user tries to delete a bill from Billing History – default false
  • Whether to display the patient’s latest demographic and the clinic contact info to populate BillTo and RemitTo fields on 3rd Party Invoice Report – default yes
  • The clinic phone number to display on invoices, if applicable – default is not set (blank)
  • Whether to enable patient clinic status, patient rostering, waiting list – default yes
  • Whether to skip postal code validation in Master Record – default no
  • Whether to include patient’s MRP in print report – default yes
  • Whether to add a watermark to printed prescriptions
  • Whether to add a button for billing in Preventions (prevention billing) – default no
  • The pattern for specialists’ referral_no and the warning message for when the input does not match the pattern – default is for 6 numbers / “Input exactly 6 digits (i.e. 123456)”
  • Whether to remove frequent temporarily saved encounter note entries containing no significant content; prevents storage and retention of temporarily saved encounter notes that only contain the autogenerated date/reason tag, and no other significant content e.g. [04-Apr-2018 .: Tel-Progress Note] – default no
  • Whether to display practitioner number (OHIP No.) on printed PDF consultation request – default no
  • Whether labels from earlier version of a lab report are applied to newer versions of that lab – default no
  • Whether to show prevention stop signs on schedule – default no
  • Whether to hide PHU (Public Health Unit) from Master Record – default no
  • Whether to enable external contacts in Master Record – default yes
  • Whether to enable patient health care team in Master Record – default no

If you need any of these options changed you must contact your OSP to request the setting to be changed in the properties file.

The properties file has hundreds of other options which are highly technical so they were not covered here.

You can find a sample file here.

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