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Preventions keeps track of the most common procedures that help prevent disease in a patient. These include vaccines and common tests.

  • If the prevention is red, the patient is missing information on an important prevention.
  • If the prevention link is purple the result is pending.
  • If the prevention link is yellow the patient is ineligible.
  • a blue prevention is up to date or optional

Clicking on the prevention link will reveal what information is needed for the item to be fully completed.


  1.  From the main appointment screen click on the “E” to the right of the patients name on their appointment line.
  2. “Preventions” is located on the top left corner of the Encounter screen.

There are two user interfaces available. The Canadian Vaccine Catalog integrated one and the classic interface.

Entering Prevention History (CVC)

Here is a video overview of using the CVC with Preventions:

The quickest way to add an immunization is to use the autofill “Add by Brand/Generic/Lot#”.

For example the above patient is an adult with no immunization data.  A first dose of tetanus immunization with diphtheria and pertussis is indicated (Tdap).  We have a vial of Arexvy® available.  By entering the full lot number XY43C into the picklist will select the vaccine and open the Add Prevention page with all the details for that immunization preloaded, including Trade Name, DIN, a suggested Dose, dose units, the lot number you picked, the expiry date and the Manufacturer.

To finish enter pick the location (say Lt superior Deltoid), route as IM and optionally set the next date.

If you select the agent by trade name or an ambiguous partial lot number you will need to select the lot number from the dropdown.

When done you can record this in OSCAR with the [Save] button.

OPTIONAL: If you have DHIR enabled and the user is logged into OneID  with Single Sign On (SSO) you may submit the vaccination information with the [Save & Submit] button.

Check with the patient for consent and hit [Submit] button.

If you are not configured [Cancel] and the shot will be saved and entered into the chart normally, or you can hit [Edit Prevention] and you will return to the Add Prevention page.

Entering Prevention History (Classic)

  1. Click on the test/vaccination that you wish to document. For an explanation of the abbreviations, hover over the prevention. eg Hover over HZV and the tool tip changes to HZV=Herpes Zoster Vaccine eg Zostavax
  2. Select the date from the calendar next to the Date text box. Select whether the prevention was Completed, Refused, Ineligible or any other option that appears on the Prevention.
  3. Select the location
  4. Type in the DIN
  5. Type in the dose
  6. Select the dose unit
  7. Type in the lot
  8. Type in the Manufacturere
  9. You can set the date of the next prevention, with the option of not being reminded of it. Click ‘Save’.
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