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Signature Image File

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Documentation Copyright © 2024 by Adrian Starzynski under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Uploading a Signature Image File

In latest OSCAR 19.5, there is built-in functionality that allows each user to easily upload their own signature image file via Preferences>Upload Signature Stamp (see screenshot here; this may be called “Set Signature Stamp” in your system)

Otherwise if you are on an older/different version of OSCAR and need signature to display on eForms, you can upload the signature image file manually: Upload the signature image files to OSCAR images folder named consult_sig_X.png but REPLACE ‘X‘ with the user’s OSCAR Provider ID Number (which can be found in Administration>User Management>Search/Edit/Delete Provider Records)

When you upload the signature stamp through PREFERENCES (and not manually through the images folder), the signature image will be available to auto-populate on prescriptions and consults as well. If you upload the signature image file manually to the images folder, it WON’T auto-populate on Rx and consults (manual upload method to images folder will only have it work on eForms).

Creating a Signature Image

1. Navigate to a page where a Signature Pad is available in OSCAR. This can be done by creating a new (on a test patient).
Open an eChart of desired test patient
Click the + icon associated with the Consultations section:

2. Signature Pad is found at the bottom of the Consultation

3. Draw a signature on the Signature Pad until a desired signature is obtained. Try to use as much of the space as possible. (no tiny signatures!)

4. Right Click the mouse button on the Signature Pad and select “Save image as…”

5. Ensure that image file extension remains as “.PNG”.

6. Save image to desired location on local computer (such as Desktop or Downloads)

7. Review image to ensure it appears as desired.


For instructions on setting the signature image file specifically for OSCAR Pro, click here.

Reference Signature Image in eForms

(For eForm programmers: to reference the current user’s signature image in an eForm, follow these steps.)

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