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Using the Draft Encounter Note Feature

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When you press the floppy disk icon to save an encounter note:

The note will be saved as a draft. It should also automatically save every 30 seconds.

Even when the note is saved as draft, there will be an indication that there is revision history. Draft encounter notes display “rev” (note the lowercase r) and signed off encounter notes display “Rev” (uppercase R) as you can see in the screenshot:

You can see who/when a draft note was saved just the same way as checking for a signed off note:

Please note that some OSCAR systems are configured to purge unsigned encounter notes (draft notes) after a period of time (usually a few months), so when finished an encounter note you should always sign off on it by using one of the option that SIGNS the note:

Sign-off only:

Verify & Sign:

Sign and Bill:

You can read more about “Sign & Save” vs. “Verify & Sign” – What to use when?

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