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Billing Tab

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The Billing Tab

The billing tab from the schedule screen allows you to run reports on bills (if you have permissions).

Creating Billing Reports

  1. From the appointment screen click on the ‘BILLING’ tab
  2. Click on the button beside the type of report you want. Either Billed or Unbilled
  3. If multi sites are enabled pick the site for the provider
  4. Select the doctor from the drop down list
  5. Click on the ‘From’ link beside the box for the begin date of the report
  6. Click on the To link to pick an end date for the report.
  7. Click Create Report
  8. To create reports for other doctors during that time period, just change the doctors name and click ‘CREATE REPORT’
  9. You can bill or look at the invoice for these encounters directly from here by clicking on ‘Bill’

Unbilled Report

This report searches through the appointment screen for any appointments that have not been billed during a specific time period. This report is good to do about a week before the month end billing goes to the Ministry of Health to maximize the billing being submitted.

  • You can bill directly from here by clicking on ‘Bill’
  • Or you can print the report and have the physicians bill for the encounter


  • Illustrated without multisites configured.
  • all entries can be searched, or sorted

Billed Report

This report shows all the billing for a doctor during a specific period of time, with the ability to view and print each bill. This report is used when a doctor wants to confirm that they have billed correctly for a procedure or is uncertain if they have done the billing for a visit.  Clicking on the ‘Account’ gives you details for that bill that can be edited.  The illustration shows configuration without multisites configured.

Manage Provider List for BILLINGREPORT

The providers that show up in the report can be picked from a list of providers listed by team by clicking the Manage Provider List link.  To pick a provider, such as the BP Monitor illustrated above in the ABPM team, check the check box and click the Save button.

Documentation copyright © 2012-2021 by Peter Hutten-Czapski MD under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

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