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Consultation Request

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This section describes how to create a consultation request/appointment for a Patient.

  1. From the appointment screen, click on “E” for the Encounter screen of the patient.
  2. Then click the ‘Consultation’ link on the left hand side of the Encounter screen.
    OR the ‘Consultation’ button in the Patient’s Master Demographic window
  3. A window will appear
  4. The patients demographic information will pull into the form: prescription info from the Rx program, and ‘Ongoing Concerns’ from the encounter screen
  5. Select the type of ‘Service’ from the drop down menu (eg Allergies)
    • Then you have the option of selecting from a drop down of all the doctors that provide the service OR
    • Typing in part of the address to narrow the choices to that
  1. Clicking the desired doctor will insert all the doctors address and phone information.  Any instructions you may have on the referrer will show (but not print)
  2. Clicking on the next drop down allows you to indicate whether this appointment is ‘URGENT – NON-URGENT or RETURN’
  3. Click on the drop down menu to the right for the “Send To” function. This function sends the consultation request to the individual who does the booking of specialist appointments in your office
  4. Fill in the reason for the consultation and any other pertinent information of which you want the specialist to be aware of
  5. Attach any/all relevant lab results documents eforms and  HRM documents to the consult

Clicking on ‘SUBMIT CONSULTATION REQUEST’ at the bottom of the screen will send the ‘Consultation’ to the “ConReport” tab where the staff can find it and book the appointment and print and fax a copy of the consultation.

Tips and Tricks

  • Another option is to print the request and hand deliver to the staff booking appointments.
  • Consultations can be sent electronically to consultants who can receive them that way (generally specialists using Oscar)
  • Faxing directly can be done with Hylafax, either via a client, or picked up from a temp directory as a pdf with a matching text file with the matching fax number
  • The Letterhead takes information from Administration>Clinic Agency/Address but each provider can have a different fax number set in Pref > Set Fax Number
  • Clicking ‘Patient will book” check box will prevent an appointment date printing on the consult print.
  • It is possible to view two consultation forms simultaneously.  For example, you may wish to all up a recent referral in order to cut and paste information into a new referral.
  1. Open the old consultation form from the encounter screen by clicking on the hyperlink
  2. Click on the consultation header BAR, not the + sign, which will cause the old consultation form to be replaced by a blank form.  This brings you to the consultation list window.
  3. Click on the New Consultation hyperlink in the upper left corner.  This will bring up a blank consultation form, and the old form should still be available on your desktop.  Carry on as above.

Sending the Consultation Request Form

  1. Optionally sign via the mouse track-pad or a touch sensitive screen and click ‘Save’ to save the signature or sign by a loaded signature stamp
  2. Click on the ‘Submit Consultation Request and Print Preview’ button to print the form
    • If you are at multi-site clinic you will have the options of picking which are the appropriate return details to use
    • To print the form, click the PRINT button
  3. If the addressee accepts consults electronically from Oscar the ‘Submit Consultation Request and Send Electronically’ option will be enabled
  4. Optionally, you can fax the referral directly from OSCAR as the specialist’s fax number is already linked to the form (your OSCAR must be setup for faxing for this to work)
  5. Additional fax recipients can be selected by picking from the address book and clicking ‘Add Provider’ or by entering the number manually and clicking ‘Add Other Fax Recipient’ or both and then ‘Submit and Fax’
  6. You can also sign and submit the Consultation Request and have front office staff process the request.

Cover Page

By default you are shown the option to add a cover page each time you send a consultation request:

When the page opens, type in your note and submit to add a cover page.

The header is taken from the setting in Administration > System > Clinic/Agency Address

If you want to change the default set the keypair faxCover=false in

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