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eForm Magic Part A – Standard Tags

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Standard Database Tags

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The following tags from OSCAR 19 are designed for users to use if they want certain fields to be automatically filled out with information from the patient’s chart/demographics/system data.

Database tags and eForm tags in OSCAR are interchangeable terms for pieces of code added into an eForm to autofill a piece of information from the OSCAR database. Anything from the database can be made into an eForm tag by modifying the apconfig.xml file (OSP).

The tag should appear in the following style oscarDB=<tag> (note lack of quotation marks) as in the following example:

<input type="text" name="pname" id="pname" oscarDB=patient_name >

The following is a list of all the standard database tags available.  All tags are readable and some (just 4 currently) marked as (u) tags which the eForm can also update the database based on user input.

Notes on the list

  • 12 marked tags are older and work across most OSCAR versions and forks
  • 15 marked tags have been added to OSCAR 15 since June 2016
  • 15b803 represent tags added from disparate OSCAR forks in July 2018 (build 803) back into OSCAR EMR
  • 19 marked tags were developed for OSCAR 19
  • OSCAR PRO, JUNO, and Avaros include eForm tags for Oscar Version 15
Oscar Version oscarDB tag updatable Description Example
15 time system time in this time zone 12:34:23
12 today system date 2016-01-29
12 appt_date appointment date 2012-12-11
12 current_form_id fid of current eform number
12 current_form_data_id fdid of current eform number
12 current_user logged in user House, Gregory
19 current_user_fname logged in user Gregory
19 current_user_lname logged in user House
12 current_user_fname_lname logged in user Gregory House
12 current_user_ohip_no OHIP provider No 120692
12 current_user_specialty_code OHIP specialty 0
15b803 current_user_specialty Specialty GP
12 current_user_cpsid College Registration 54345
12 current_user_id Oscar User No 121
15 current_user_address  from the provider table 2913 Meridian Dr
15 current_user_work_phone  from the provider table 705-672-1111
15 current_user_email  from the provider table [email protected]
15 current_user_fax  from the provider table 705-672-2222
15 current_user_team  from the provider table KME
15 current_user_signature Oscar User Signature MD (entered from Pref, Edit your Signature)
12 patient_name Upper Case Name MACDONALD, JOHN A
12 first_last_name Mixed Case Name John a Macdonald
12 patient_nameL U Last Name MACDONALD
12 patient_nameF U First Name JOHN
19 patient_nameM U Middle Name ALEXANDER
15 patient_alias U Patient Alias as per demographic Old Chieftain
15b803 patient_title Patients title if listed in demographic MR
12 patient_id Oscar Generated Demographic No 3781
Address line
Box 812, 16 Whitewood Ave., New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0
Tel:705-647-4399(H)  (W)
03/06/1938(F)  HIN:7999962999CR
19 residential_address residential address and if not found address Box 812, 16 Whitewood Ave.
New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0
12 address Address
City Postal
Box 812, 16 Whitewood Ave.
New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0
12 addressline one line address Box 812, 16 Whitewood Ave., New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0
12 address_street_number_and_name street and number Box 812, 16 Whitewood Ave.
12 province 2 digit province ON
12 city City New Liskeard
12 postal Postal Code P0J 1P0
12 dob dd/mm/yyyy (d/m/y) 13/06/1938 (d/m/y)
12 dobc dd/mm/yyyy 13/06/1938
12 dobc2 yyyy/mm/dd 1938/06/13
15 dobc3 mm/dd/yyyy 06/13/1938
15b803 dob_MONTH-dd-yyyy MONTH-dd-yyyy January-06-1938
12 dob_year yyyy 1938
12 dob_month mm 6
12 dob_day dd 3
12 NameAddress Name
Box 812, 16 Whitewood Ave., New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0
12 hin HIN and Version 7999962999 CR
12 hinc HIN 7999962999
12 hinversion Version Code CR
15b803 hc_type Insurance province/state ON
12 hc_renew_date Health Card Renewal 2006-01-23
12 chartno User provided Chart No
eg the paper chart
12 phone home phone 705-647-4399
12 phone2 work phone 705-647-4399
12 cell cell phone 705-647-4399
12 phone_extension extension 23
12 phone2_extension extension 23
12 age Current age in years 74
15 age_in_months Current age in months 14
12 ageComplex Age expressed in days weeks or months for infants and toddlers and years  for older children or adults 3 day old
4 week old
6 month old
74 year old
15b803 ageComplex2 Years and Months of age 74 years            7 Months
12 sex gender M
15b803 She_He She or He based on gender He
15b803 him_her him or her based on gender him
15b803 his_her his_her based on gender his
12 sin Social Security Number 111-222-333
15 date_joined from demographic table 2005-11-01
15b803 partner_nameL Partners last name from relationships MACDONALD
15b803 partner_nameF Partner’s first name AGNES
15b803 partner_dob dd/mm/yyyy (d/m/y) 13/06/1938 (d/m/y)
15b803 partner_dob2 yyyy/mm/dd 1938/06/13
15b803 partner_hin Partners health number and version 7999962999 CR
15b803 partner_phone Partners phone 705-647-4399
12 medical_history history 1984 ANTEROLATERAL MYOCARDIAL INFARCT
2000 COPD
15b803 medical_history_ext  <br> delineated history 1984 ANTEROLATERAL MYOCARDIAL INFARCT<br>2000 COPD <br>2001 ATYPICAL PNEUMONIA<br>2007 OSTEOPENIA
12 other_medications_history Comma delineated list of family history and other meds dad renal failure 76 IHD, mom AMI 75 NIDDM
15b803 other_medications_history_ext  <br> delineated list of family history and other meds dad renal failure 76 IHD
mom AMI 75 NIDDM
12 social_family_history Comma delineated social history Lives with son James, Retired Prime Minister
15b803 social_family_history_ext <br> delineated list of social history Lives with son James
Retired Prime Minister
12 ongoingconcerns Comma delineated list of ongoing concerns Limited finances
15b803 ongoingconcerns_ext <br> delineated list of ongoing concerns Limited finances
15b803 riskfactors Comma delineated list of ongoing concerns
15b803 riskfactors_ext <br> delineated list of ongoing concerns
12 reminders Comma delineated list of reminders Findlay’s, If unable to reach patient at home tel , contact Mike (caretaker) at 705-676-7995(cell).
15b803 reminders_ext <br> delineated list of reminders
12 risk_factors_json Risk Factors from CPP [{“note”:”risky gambling”}]
12 family_history_json Family History from CPP [{“note”:”Father cardiomyopathy 32 passed out\nuncle died of brain tumour 1.5yo”}]
12 dxregistry Comma delineated disease registry items ESSENTIAL HYPERTENSION*, CHRONIC BRONCHITIS*
12 OHIPdxCode Comma delimited OHIP diagnosis codes billed 7.13E+50
12 allergies_des Comma delineated allergies and
archived (deleted)
archived allergies: AMOXIL
12 allergies_des_no_archived Comma delineated current allergies PENICILLIN
12 recent_rx recent Rx 2012-11-12 AGGRENOX Take 1 Tabs PO BID for 90 Days LU Code: 349 Qty:180 Repeats:3
2012-11-08 MUCOMYST INJ 200MG/ML 2 ml by nebuliser TID for 30 days Qty:90 ml Repeats:4
2012-10-31 PULMICORT NEBUAMP 0.5 MG/ML inhale contents of 1 nebule BID for 60 days LU Code: 264 Qty:120 Repeats:0
SALBUTAMOL  1MG LIQUID Take 1 neb qid for 90 days Qty:360 Repeats:3
IPRATROPIUM BROMIDE .25MG SOLUTION 1 neb Q6H for 90 days Qty:360 Repeats:3
SALBUTAMOL  100MCG METERED-DOSE AEROSOL 1-2puff QID INH PRN for 30 days Qty:2 Repeats:12
12 today_rx todays Rx 2012-11-12 AGGRENOX Take 1 Tabs PO BID for 90 Days LU Code: 349 Qty:180 Repeats:3
12 current_rx current Rx  Darco healing shoe With custom insole Qty:1 Repeats:0SITAGLIPTIN  25MG TABLET Take 1 po od Qty:0 Repeats:0METFORMIN 500MG Take 1 po bid Qty:0 Repeats:0TOBRAMYCIN FOR INJECTION 1.2G 120 mg iv q 12h for 19 days 1.5mg/kg = 120mg eGFR 45 Qty:5700 Repeats:0VENOFER 20MG 300mg for iv infusion please fill today Qty:1 Repeats:0CYANOCOBALAMIN INJECTION, USP 1000MCG Aminister 1ml IM or sc monthly Qty:10 Repeats:0CIPROFLOXACIN 500MG Take 1 po bid for 14 days LU 332 Qty:28 Repeats:0WARFARIN 4MG Take 1 po od or as directed for 30 days Qty:30 Repeats:2FUROSEMIDE 40MG Take 2 Tabs PO OD for 60 Days Qty:120 Repeats:3WARFARIN 2MG take as directed Qty:90 Repeats:0CLOXACILLIN 500MG Take 2 capsules (1 g) PO QID for two months Qty:480 Repeats:0PERCOCET 325MG/5MG Take 1-2 tabs PO QID PRN (Max 8 tabs per day) Qty:112 Repeats:0LYRICA 75MG take BID PO Qty:60 Repeats:0CLOXACILLIN  250MG CAPSULE Take 1 po qid for 14 days Qty:56 Repeats:0WARFARIN 1MG PO OD as directed Qty:90 Repeats:0FELODIPINE 2.5MG TABLET (EXTENDED-RELEAS
12 current_rx_lt current drugs marked as long term  CYANOCOBALAMIN INJECTION, USP 1000MCG Aminister 1ml IM or sc monthly Qty:10 Repeats:0WARFARIN 4MG Take 1 po od or as directed for 30 days Qty:30 Repeats:2FUROSEMIDE 40MG Take 2 Tabs PO OD for 60 Days Qty:120 Repeats:3WARFARIN 2MG take as directed Qty:90 Repeats:0CLOXACILLIN 500MG Take 2 capsules (1 g) PO QID for two months Qty:480 Repeats:0SITAGLIPTIN  100MG TABLET Take 1 po od for 90 days Qty:90 Repeats:0COUMADIN 5MG Take 1 po od for 90 days Qty:90 Repeats:0BISOPROLOL 5MG Take 1 po od for 90 days Qty:90 Repeats:3ATORVASTATIN  20MG TABLET Take 1 po od for 90 days Qty:90 Repeats:3FELODIPINE 5MG Take 1 Tabs PO OD for 90 days Qty:90 Repeats:3METFORMIN 500MG Take 1 tab at breakfast, 1 tab at luch and 2 tabs at supper. Qty:360 Repeats:3RAMIPRIL 10MG Take 2 tabs OD Qty:180 Repeats:3Glucometer Strips and Lancets 1 QID prn Qty:100 Repeats:99SILDENAFIL 100MG Take 1/2 Tabs PO OD for PRN 30Days Qty:4  Repeats:0FUROSEMIDE 40MG Take 1 Tabs PO OD for 90Days Qty:90  Repeats:3 FELODIPINE 5 MG Take 1 Ta
12 druglist_generic Generic drug list one per line ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID 25.0 MG DIPYRIDAMOLE 200.0 MG 1 BID
12 druglist_trade Trade drug list one per line AGGRENOX 1 BID
12 druglist_line the shortest druglist mixed case comma delineated Aggrenox 1 BID, Mucomyst inj 200mg/ml 0 TID, Salbutamol  100mcg metered-dose aerosol 0 QID prn, Ipratropium bromide .25mg solution 0 Q6H, Salbutamol  1mg liquid 1 qid, Novo-betahistine 16mg 1 TID, Furosemide 20 tab 1 OD
15b803 latest_echart_note  [04-Jul-2018 .: inpatient 2/7 post pacemaker][8:18]
Doing well, some knee pain
BP 123-146 systolic HR 60
minimal oedema
painful rt knee on rom
no effusion
ligaments intact clinically
rt heel necrotic patch basically unchanged apprx loonie sized
1) Knee OA limited response post steroid injection
2) Heart block controlled with pacer
3) Vascular impairment rt foot
physio and rehab
d/w vascular sx
[Signed on 04-Jul-2018 8:26 by Dr. Gregory House]
15b803 todays_notes
15b803 todays_notes_ext
12 document_list  list of ids and documents  4865,Ultrasound Doppler Venous Lower Rt;7774,1-Pap 2010 recall;7993,4-Flu 2010 recall;32342,1-Pap 2010 recall;44341,CCAC- Initial;44411,CCAC – Client Services Plan;48232,Dr. Lewis
12 onGTPAL Ontario Antenatal Record GTPAL code  GxTxPxAxLx
12 onEDB Ontario Antenatal Record EDB 2016-12-31
12 bcGTPAL British Columbia Antenatal Record GTPAL code GxTxPxAxLx
12 bcEDD British Columbia Antenatal Record EDD 2016-12-31
12 doctor Last, First of MRP House, Gregory
12 doctor_provider_no MRP’s provider number 1007
12 doctor_ohip_no MRP’s billing number 120692
12 doctor_specialty_code MRP’s specialty 0
12 doctor_cpsid MRP’s CPSID 54345
15 doctor_title from provider table MD (this column is in the database but not editable)
12 provider_name Last, First House, Gregory
12 provider_name_first_init Name G. House
12 doctor_work_phone work no from the provider table 705-672-1111
15 doctor_signature Their signature from provider preferences MD
12 appt_provider_name The provider listed for the appointment House, Gregory
12 appt_provider_id The provider’s id listed for the appointment 121
12 appt_no The appointment no 353104
15b803 appt_date yyyy-mm-dd 2018-07-05
15b803 appt_time hh:mm:ss 13:45:00
15b803 appt_end_time hh:mm:ss 14:14:00
15b803 appt_provider_ohip_no providers OHIP 120692
15b803 appt_provider_cpsid providers College id 54345
15b803 next_appt_provider_id OSCAR provider id 121
15b803 next_appt_provider_name Provider name Last, First House, Gregory
15b803 next_appt_date Date and time 2018-07-05, 13:45:00
15b803 next_appt_time hh:mm 13:45:00
15b803 nextf_appt_date yyyy-MONTH-dd 2018-07-05
12 referral_name Last, First Spade, Sam
(These come from the ProfessionalSpecialists table using the ReferralNo)
15b803 referral_Last_name Last Spade
15b803 referral_first_name First Sam
12 referral_address Multiline address 431 Whitewood Ave
New Liskeard ON P0J 1P0
15b803 dr_referral_name Dr.First Last Dr.Sam Spade
15b803 referral_no Referring physician’s OHIP provider number 120692
12 referral_phone Referral phone (705) 647-1112 Ext 5422
12 referral_fax Fax no 705-647-1234
12 bc_referral_name Last, First SPADE, SAM
(These come from the billingreferral table using the ReferralNo)
12 bc_referral_address Multiline address 431 Whitewood Ave
New Liskeard ON P0J 1P0
12 bc_referral_phone Referral phone (604) 647-1112 Ext 5422
12 bc_referral_fax Fax no 604-647-1234
12 bc_referral_no Referring MD no 666666
12 clinic_name name Demo Medical Clinic
12 clinic_phone As per admin 705-672-1111
12 clinic_fax As per admin 705-672-2222
12 clinic_label Multiline name and address Demo Medical Clinic
2913 Meridian Dr
Toronto,Ontario,P0J 1P0
12 clinic_addressLine Street 2913 Meridian Dr
12 clinic_addressLineFull Street, City, Province, Postal 2913 Meridian, Toronto, Ontario, P0J 1K0
12 clinic_address Multiline
Note bug in where the P0J 1K0 goes
2913 Meridian Dr
Toronto,P0J 1P0
12 clinic_city city Toronto
12 clinic_province province Ontario
12 clinic_postal postal P0J 1K0
12 dtap_immunization_date DTaP date 1997-04-11
12 flu_immunization_date flu shot date 2017-11-06
15b803 bcg_immunization_date BCG date 1997-04-11
15b803 rmenb_immunization_date BEXSERO or rMenB 1997-04-11
15b803 cholera_immunization_date CHOLERA date 1997-04-11
15b803 chol_ecol_o_immunization_date Chol-Ecol-Oral date 1997-04-11
19b1360 covid_immunization_date   COVID-19 vaccination date 2021-07-01
15b803 dpt_polio_immunization_date DPT POLIO date DEPRECATED prevention type use DTaP-IPV instead
15b803 dptp_hib_immunization_date DPTP-Hib date DEPRECATED prevention type use TdP-IPV-Hib instead
15b803 dt_ipv_immunization_date DT-IPV date 1997-04-11
15b803 dtap_hbv_ipv_hib_immunization_date DTaP-HBV-IPV-Hib 1997-04-11
15b803 dtap_hib_immunization_date DTaP-Hib date 1997-04-11
15b803 dtap_ipv_immunization_date DTaP-IPV date 1997-04-11
15b803 dtap_ipv_hb_immunization_date DTaP-IPV-HB date 1997-04-11
15b803 dtap_ipv_hib_immunization_date DTaP-IPV-Hib date 1997-04-11
15b803 h1n1_immunization_date H1N1 date 1997-04-11
15b803 hbtmf_immunization_date HBTmf date 1997-04-11
15b803 hpv_vaccine_immunization_date HPV date 1997-04-11
15b803 hpv_vaccine_9_immunization_date HPV Vaccine 9 date DEPRECATED prevention type use HPV instead
15b803 hepa_immunization_date HepA date 1997-04-11
15b803 hepab_immunization_date HepAB date 1997-04-11
15b803 hepb_immunization_date HepB date 1997-04-11
15b803 hib_immunization_date Hib date 1997-04-11
15b803 ipv_immunization_date IPV date 1997-04-11
15b803 je_immunization_date JE date 1997-04-11
15b803 men_con_acwy_immunization_date MEN-CONJ-ACWY or Men-C-ACYW-135 1997-04-11
15b803 mmr_immunization_date MMR date 1997-04-11
15b803 mmrv_immunization_date MMRV date 1997-04-11
15b803 mr_immunization_date MR date 1997-04-11
15b803 mantoux_immunization_date Mantoux date 1997-04-11
15b803 measles_immunization_date Measles date 1997-04-11
15b803 men_p_ac_immunization_date Men-P-AC date 1997-04-11
15b803 men_p_acwy_immunization_date Men-P-ACWY date 1997-04-11
15b803 menb_b_immunization_date MenB-B date DEPRECATED prevention type use rMenB instead
15b803 menc_c_immunization_date MenC-C date 1997-04-11
15b803 mumps_immunization_date Mumps date This apconfig.xml entry is currently broken
15b803 opv_immunization_date OPV date No matching prevention currently
15b803 otherA_immunization_date OtherA date 1997-04-11
15b803 pediacel_immunization_date pediacel date DEPRECATED prevention type use DTaP-IPV-Hib instead
15b803 pneu_c_immunization_date Pneu-C or prevnar 1997-04-11
15b803 pneumovax_immunization_date Pneumovax date 1997-04-11
15b803 prolia_immunization_date prolia date DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 RABIES_immunization_date RABIES date DEPRECATED prevention type use Rabies instead
15b803 rabies_immunization_date Rabies date 1997-04-11
15b803 rot_immunization_date Rot date 1997-04-11
15b803 rubella_immunization_date Rubella date DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 shingles_immunization_date SHINGLES or HZV or RZV 1997-04-11
15b803 t_immunization_date T date 1997-04-11
15b803 tbe_immunization_date TBE date 1997-04-11
15b803 td_immunization_date Td date 1997-04-11
15b803 td_ipv_immunization_date Td-IPV (adult) date 1997-04-11
15b803 tdp_immunization_date TdP date 1997-04-11
15b803 tdp_ipv_hib_immunization_date TdP-IPV-Hib date 1997-04-11
15b803 tdap_ipv_immunization_date Tdap-IPV date 1997-04-11
15b803 tuberculosis_immunization_date Tuberculosis date DEPRECATED prevention type use BCG instead
15b803 typh-o_immunization_date Typh-O(ral) date 1997-04-11
15b803 typhoid_immunization_date Thyphoid date 1997-04-11
15b803 vz_immunization_date Varicella V date 1997-04-11
15b803 varicella_immunization_date Varicella date DEPRECATED prevention type use VZ instead
15b803 yf_immunization_date Yellow Fever date 1997-04-11
15b803 bmd_immunization_date BMD date 1997-04-11
15b803 bmd_immunization_last_value BMD Value abnormal
15b803 colonoscopy_immunization_date COLONOSCOPY date 1997-04-11
15b803 colonoscopy_immunization_last_value COLONOSCOPY Value normal
15b803 fobt_immunization_date FOBT date 1997-04-11
15b803 fobt_immunization_last_value FOBT Value pending
15b803 bmd_immunization_date  date 1997-04-11
15b803 pft_immunization_date PFT date DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 mam_immunization_date MAM date 1997-04-11
15b803 mam_immunization_data all MAM result pending normal normal
15b803 mam_immunization_last_value MAM Value normal
15b803 pap_immunization_date PAP Date 1997-04-11
15b803 pap_immunization_last_value PAP Value normal
15b803 psa_immunization_date PSA Date 1997-04-11
15b803 psa_immunization_last_value PSA Value normal
15b803 abdo_immunization_date Abdo U/S for AAA DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 bone_scan_immunization_date BONE SCAN date DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 cpx_immunization_date CPX date DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 ct_scan_immunization_date CT Scan date DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 cxr_immunization_date CXR DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 chlamydia_immunization_date chlamydia test date 1997-04-11
15b803 ecg_immunization_date ECG DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 eeg_immunization_date EEG DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 ekg_immunization_date EKG DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 emg_immunization_date EMG DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 ekg_immunization_date EKG DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 endoscopy_immunization_date ENDOSCOPY DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 echo_immunization_date Echo DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 fobt_immunization_date fobt date 1997-04-11
15b803 gonorrhea_pcr_immunization_date Gonorrhea PCR 1997-04-11
15b803 hiv_immunization_date HIV test date 1997-04-11
15b803 hepa_immunization_date HepA screen DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 hepb_immunization_date HepB screen 1997-04-11
15b803 hepc_immunization_date HepC screen 1997-04-11
15b803 mammogram_immunization_date mammo date DEPRECATED see mam tags
15b803 pap_immunization_date pap date 1997-04-11
15b803 mmse_immunization_date MMSE DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 mri_immunization_date MRI DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 moca_immunization_date MoCA DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 moca_immunization_date OtherB date 1997-04-11
15b803 pet_scan_immunization_date PET SCAN DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 sleep_study_immunization_date Sleep Study DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 stress_test_immunization_date Stress Test DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 ultrasound_immunization_date Ultrasound DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 vdrl_immunization_date VDRL date 1997-04-11
15b803 virtual_colonscopy_immunization_date VIRTUAL COLONOSCOPY DEPRECATED prevention type
15b803 xrays_immunization_date XRays DEPRECATED prevention type
12 cytology_no cytology number number (from demographicExt table where key = ‘cytolNum’)
12 guardian_label from new relationships tables
first last
city province
431 Whitewood Ave
New Liskeard ON
P0J 1P0
12 guardian_label2 Substitute Decision Maker
first last
city province
431 Whitewood Ave
New Liskeard ON
P0J 1P0
12 email patient email [email protected]
15 urine_tox_test_json Measurements OPID MAMP BZD CANB Uetc [{“type”:”BZD”,”dataField”:”pos”,”comments”:””,”dateObserved”:”2016-04-04 00:00:00.0″,”dateEntered”:”2016-04-04 12:34:46.0″},{“type”:”MAMP”,”dataField”:”neg”,”comments”:””,”dateObserved”:”2016-04-04 00:00:00.0″,”dateEntered”:”2016-04-04 12:34:46.0″}]
15 methadone_induction_assessment_json Measurements RHU ORDU MDD GWS [{“type”:”RHU”,”dataField”:”Yes”,”comments”:””,”dateObserved”:”2016-04-04 00:00:00.0″,”dateEntered”:”2016-04-04 12:34:46.0″}]

Suggested Database Tags

These eForm tags do not exist in OSCAR by default but are useful in some eForms:













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