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Online Booking

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Documentation Copyright © 2024 by Adrian Starzynski under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Online Booking for OSCAR EMR


In the realm of digital health tools, a flexible and fully customizable online booking system is the most time and cost-saving solution for doctors and clinics.

EMRs have traditionally been lacking behind in the age of online booking systems integrations. Times have changed and now there is a very easy way to get setup with an all-in-one affordable platform that will make your clinic more efficient, make patients and staff happier, and save time and money.

It’s essential to have fully OSCAR-integrated online booking system that includes online booking, medical clinic kiosk (for patient registration/check-in in the waiting room), automated reminders, payment collection, patient messaging, translations, intake form, and more automation.

Benefits of Online Booking

Benefits of a flexible, intelligent online booking solution that integrates with OSCAR:
*Make sure to look for these features when searching for a bookings system for OSCAR*

  • Cortico is the only system that gets 100% of your patients to book appointments on your website, directly into your OSCAR EMR (including JUNO, Avaros, OSCAR Pro, etc.)
  • Drastically reduced call volume: MOAs can focus on other more important tasks than booking appointments over the phone
  • Massive cost savings for clinics!!
  • Convenience for patients: they can go online to book instead of calling
  • Optimized clinic workflow: you can specify what times are bookable for what reasons in the online booking system
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Less no-shows as patients can choose their appointment time online, must agree to the clinic’s policies, and they will receive automated reminders for their appointments
  • Control cancellations and appointment confirmations online
  • Telemedicine: choose whether to allow patients to book in-person, phone, video appointments or any combination of these online. Use the booking system’s integrated secure virtual visits platform if you want to offer video visits.
  • Translations: online booking system offers translation so patients can use the booking system in many languages
  • Clinic kiosk: a kiosk fully-integrated with the online-booking system and EMR, which is placed in the clinic’s waiting room that you can select whether or not to allow new walk-in patients to register, which would create a demographic in OSCAR, or just allow patients with appointments on today’s schedule to check-in and be marked as here. Kiosk will ask the patient to agree to clinic policies and confirm the demographic information on-file is correct. Clinics can have as many kiosks as necessary.
  • Collect preferred pharmacy information which syncs to preferred pharmacy in EMR accordingly: useful for phone or virtual appointments so the doctor already knows where to send the patient’s Rx.
  • Integrate with clinic’s existing website, or use the online booking provider’s own simple access page (useful for those doctors/clinics who don’t have a website)
  • One-time booking links configurable for specialist-type workflows: e.g. send patient a link to book a follow-up consultation appointment that is only valid for X period of time and can only be booked with X doctor, which is configurable by the clinician.
  • Works with walk-in clinic workflows: includes a “now serving” and “giving out” number panel, so walk-in clinics can choose to use this so that people can check the wait and number of patients before them online.

I have a bit of a bias towards Cortico since I use it, but here are some of the options for online booking:

Feel free to reach out if you need assistance choosing an online booking solution – free help available.

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