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Provincial Specific Features

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— This page is currently being edited. Come back for more updates —
Since healthcare is a provincial jurisdiction, there are features in Oscar that may need to be adjusted for each province.
These features include Billing, Lab Results and other province-specific services.



BC billing is done through Teleplan. See the British Columbia billing category in our knowledge base.


Electronic lab reports are provided by Excelleris.


OntarioMD and eHealth Ontario supply the following integrations:

Canada Health Infoway supplies PrescribeIT – electronic prescribing

OceanMD (owned by WELL) operates OCEAN eReferral Network, which is also provincially funded. OCEAN is the provincewide eReferrals network that integrates with EMRs.


The Ontario government supplies billing integration with MCEDT via GoSecure – Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer


There is a page describing the setup to receive Lab Results from the various providers.

See: Lab Download Integration


The Quebec government has setup a portal for health-related information. Currently, this is not integrated with Oscar. The portal includes demographic info, prescriptions and lab results that are downloadable to PDFs. The portal requires a Security Key that is provided to all physicians (except dentists). The key must be used to access the RAMQ Visualizer portal. The security software that is required is located at:
Note: The Security Key requires Windows! So Apple users will need to install Parallels or a Windows VM.


There is no direct integration, but it’s easy to write a RbT (Report By Template) that can download physician appointment information. That can be edited and uploaded to the various third-party billing companies.


For now, the only work-around is to use the Visualizer to download Lab Results to PDFs then use the Oscar inbox to add them to the patient chart.

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