London Ontario Area eForms

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For clinics / physicians in the SouthWest LHIN / Southern Ontario / London area, I have created many eForms that you can take advantage of.

Some are not yet listed on the downloads page anywhere so please fill the form below to request any of these. You can also fill the contact form to request any Oscar training, optimization, customization services, or if you need assistance with any eForm or Oscar matters.

    I created all of these eForms and they include the automatic signature (using Signature Image File – so no need to manually sign each time!), they open in full screen (no more horizontal scrolling), and many of these that are to be faxed somewhere include a custom one-touch submit and fax TO button, for example ‘Submit and Fax to London X-Ray Associates’. Some (like the MyHealth Centre Requisition) include fax buttons for each of their London area locations as well (so you pick and choose which one to fax to).

    Linked eForms are available for download immediately on this site. To obtain non-linked eForms listed here please fill the contact form above,

    Definitely import these other popular eForms into your OSCAR: